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Last January (in Newsletter 153) we suggested carrying out a Street Audit which would check out just how convenient a place Wavertree Village is for pedestrians going about their everyday business - visiting shops, surgeries, parks, etc., or catching the bus - and what improvements might be made. This idea has now been taken up by the City Council, who have commissioned the national charity Living Streets to organise the Audit and produce a report.

At a meeting on 8th November, a dozen or so enthusiastic local residents - including two of our own Committee members - volunteered to take part, and on 18th-19th November a series of walks took place, both in daylight and darkness, to identify any hazards, hindrances or general 'clutter' which will need to be tackled.

If you would like to join the project, or simply find out more about what it involves, email
Pauline Blair at the City Council or email Sue Webber
at Living Streets

in Bloom

At our A.G.M. on 23rd October, Councillor Barbara Mace (who has been a member of our Society for many years) and her colleague Councillor Barbara Collinge gave us a very clear and helpful presentation on the North West in Bloom competition. The two Councillors represent Woolton ward, including the two Liverpool villages - Woolton and Gateacre - which have been notably successful in the competition during the past few years.

It has been suggested that Wavertree Village could enter the event next year. This would bring well-deserved recognition to those local residents and businesses in and around the High Street who already tend their gardens, window-boxes and hanging baskets during the summer months and bring a splash of colour to the village, and should encourage others to do likewise. It was also explained that - on the basis of Woolton and Gateacre's experience - "it's not just flowers". Wavertree in Bloom would provide the incentive to tidy up eyesores, raise the standard of street cleansing, and, very importantly, bring a wide range of people together to work for the good of the community.

Councillor Warren Bradley held a public meeting on 10th November to sound out local opinion and to start the process of building up a team of 'Wavertree in Bloom' volunteers. For further information, contact
him - or keep an eye on our website for details of further meetings.

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