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'Olive Gardens'
on the way at last?

A new planning application - ref. 05F/3061 - has been submitted following the redesign of the proposed 'linear park' between Thingwall Road and Mill Lane.  The new park is to be named 'Olive Gardens', and maintained by Cosmopolitan Housing Association who are responsible for the new rented housing nearby. A detailed statement accompanying the planning application explains the philosophy behind the very impressive design: the gardens "reflect a journey through life", and the main path "represents the strong flow of a river".

A linear park in this location formed part of the Masterplan for the Olive Mount redevelopment scheme in 2002. We opposed the scheme then, on the grounds of over-development and loss of greenspace - but welcomed the provision of a new pedestrian link across the site. We have been assured by Cosmopolitan that sufficient funds are available to ensure the proper maintenance of the gardens, which was a concern expressed by residents and objectors when the original planning application was submitted.

Bethel Chapel
Appeal Dismissed

The Planning Inspector who considered the TRB Estates proposal to build an apartment block - and small replacement chapel - on the site of the Welsh Presbyterian Church, in Heathfield Road, has supported Liverpool City Council's view that planning permission should be refused.

Her decision, issued on 22nd September, was based on the opinion that "the development proposed would divert resources away from those areas where such resources should be directed as first priority. In the light of the current housing supply position, to allow the continued development of sites outside these areas would seriously prejudice the ability of LCC to secure urban renaissance".

See the Special Section of
our website about the Olive Mount Redevelopment

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