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Sandown Hall goes to

On 10th November 2004 the Inspector who had been appointed to consider the Sandown Hall planning application (see last Newsletter) issued his decision: he REFUSED to allow the former Wavertree listed building to be re-erected on a site in the North Cheshire Green Belt.

David Stagg - the Macclesfield businessman who had planned to rebuild Sandown Hall as his family home in Nether Alderley - has now decided to challenge the Inspector's decision in the High Court. The grounds of the challenge are that in his report - which is reproduced on our special Sandown Hall
website - the Planning Inspector took into account matters which were not the subject of debate at the Public Inquiry, and failed to take account of evidence (notably that of Florence Gersten) which was put forward in support of the proposal. We await the outcome with interest.

in Childwall Road

When an application was first submitted - in August 2001 - to erect a telecommunications mast on the corner of Lance Lane and Childwall Road, we objected, arguing that such a structure would be out of place at the approach to a Conservation Area. When it was built, however, we were pleased to note that its appearance was very similar to a lamp-post.

More recently, the original slim 'monopole' mast was replaced by a more bulbous and unsightly version - resulting in a flood of complaints from local residents. Then, last November, an application was submitted for a mast on the central reservation of Childwall Road, just east of Lance Lane. We were pleased to hear, just before Christmas, that this latest application has been refused - but we are still waiting to find out what action the Council is proposing to take regarding the existing mast.

We are pleased to announce that we have appointed the Liverpool Cat Welfare
charity shop at 1 High Street, L15 (on the corner of Sandown Lane) as
'main retail distributor' of our two books: Discovering Historic Wavertree
(£4.95) and Wavertree - Images of England (special price £9.99).

Both titles should now be in stock there at all times - as well as being on sale
at our meetings and via our website

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