In mid-February we were contacted by local residents unhappy about the removal of York stone flags from outside Wavertree C of E School. We immediately complained to the City Council, and received the following reply from their contractors, Enterprise Liverpool:

"Following several complaints, and a request from the Governors of Wavertree Church of England School to attend to the dangerous footpath outside their school as a result of complaints received from parents and children who have tripped and injured themselves, a condition survey was commissioned. The findings of this survey revealed that the irregular texture and thickness and the condition of these flags would not sustain repairs to affect a surface that would be suitable for the heavy footfall of parents and children alike. It was therefore decided that in the interest of public safety, and taking into account the surrounding footpaths being of a tarmac construction and that this was a small area, the best option was to replace the flags with tarmac. I apologise to your members and to the residents of Prince Alfred Rd for any distress our actions have caused but would ask you to understand our views in respect of public safety and sustainability."

We intend to pursue this matter further, as we understood that the Council's policy was not to use tarmac for the repair of pavements within Conservation Areas.

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