Planning News:
A planning application (ref.05F/3925) has been submitted to build a three-storey block of 14 apartments at 101-107 High Street (next door to the Lamb), with 17 parking spaces and two mews houses to the rear, accessed from the High Street through an archway. The proposed block is in a traditional style which, we feel, is in keeping with the architecture of the adjacent listed building. What concerns us is the height. We would prefer the eaves height of the new building to be significantly below that of the Lamb, bearing in mind that the existing buildings at the lower end of the site are very much smaller in scale.

A planning application (ref.05F/3071) has been submitted to build a single-storey 'Tesco Express' store between Pye Street and Prince Alfred Road. The building - with a mainly glazed 'modern' façade and a flat roof - is to be set back from the High Street behind a customer car park, accommodating 14 vehicles. Our Committee has not yet discussed this application, and we
would welcome the views of members.

for both of these applications are available for inspection at the City Council's offices, Millennium House, 60 Victoria Street, Liverpool. Any comments should be addressed to the Planning & Building Control Department c/o Municipal Buildings, Dale Street, Liverpool L2 2DH - the closing date being 9th February 2006.

Unlock the Gates!
During the course of the recent Street Audit (see last Newsletter) in which some of our Committee members took part, it was noted that the gate giving access to the Mystery off the High Street - alongside the Abbeygate Apartments - is now permanently locked, and fly-tipping had taken place nearby. We have asked the Council to consider reopening this gate during daylight hours as - in addition to being part of our 'Discovering Historic Wavertree' walking route - it provides a useful short cut into the park for local residents. The Council say that the gate was closed on the advice of the Police, as it was being used as an escape route by criminals and troublemakers, but we believe that the passage of law-abiding citizens would be a deterrent to dumping and other anti-social behaviour. Meanwhile the rubbish we complained about was promptly cleared - and the Council say that the access policy is currently being reviewed.

Why so many Humps?

One of our members recently sought our support in challenging the introduction of speed bumps in Prince Alfred Road. More and more of these devices have been introduced locally in recent years, but we do wonder whether they are really the best way of calming traffic. Apart from the fact that they have the effect of channelling more and more cars on to the 'hump free' roads, the noise of vehicles braking, accelerating and passing over the humps is itself a nuisance to residents. What do other members think? We have lodged a formal objection to the Prince Alfred Road scheme, and the Council's response is currently awaited.

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