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Several times, over the past 10 years or so, attempts have been made to obtain planning permission for the development of the former side garden area of 20 North Drive, a large Victorian semi-detached house (and Grade II listed building). We have objected to all of these, on the grounds that such green, open areas are an essential part of the character of Victoria Park, and therefore of the Wavertree Village Conservation Area. The City Council has refused to grant consent for development, but the latest applicant decided to appeal against the Council's decision. A Public Hearing took place on 18th January, at which the arguments for and against (including our own objections) were put forward.

The Planning Inspector's decision was issued on 30th January. He concluded that, bearing in mind the fact that 'the appeal site has for some years been legally and physically separated from No.20, and that the building has been converted into six, one-bedroom flats the likelihood of any meaningful investment in restoring the appeal site in a manner that contributes positively to its setting seems unlikely'. He also felt that 'the overall form, detailed design of the house with its projecting bay windows, steeply pitched roof, contrasting string courses and vertical sliding sash windows, would be an attractive and high-quality reinterpretation of the adjacent villas without being an obvious imitation'.

The Inspector therefore granted planning permission for the building of the proposed detached dwelling house, subject to conditions: facing materials, rainwater goods, landscape works and new pedestrian entrance all to be approved by the local planning authority, and the boundary wall to be repaired and rebuilt prior to the dwelling's completion.

Details of this project were given in our last
Newsletter. The next meeting - which anyone interested is welcome to attend - will be held at 2 p.m. on Tuesday 2nd May, at the Picton One-Stop Shop (ex-swimming baths) in Picton Road. Further information is available from Caroline Townley of the LCC South Suburbs Neighbourhood Team on 0151 233 3018. The Thingwall Road Allotments Association have offered to supply hanging baskets this summer, and plans are also in hand for the tidying-up of various neglected sites in and around Wavertree Village. Looking ahead, the possibility of Christmas trees and lights along the High Street is also being investigated. Meanwhile our Society has been fortunate enough to obtain a £1,250 grant from the Civic Trust, towards improving the appearance of some of the roller shutters on shops within the Conservation Area.

Wavertree Cricket Club celebrated its 150th birthday in 2004. David Goodall is working on the official history of the club, and Volume 1 is due for publication in the summer. Amongst other things he has been talking to some of the older members of the club about their memories of Wavertree, cricket and Liverpool life in general. Now he would particularly like to interview people who live - or have lived - in Sandown Lane, overlooking the ground. Any volunteers? Please phone Dave on 07932 969320 (mobile) or write to him at
4 Ashfield, Liverpool L15 1EZ.

We have been notified that Planning Application 05F/3071 to build a single-storey Tesco Express store on the corner of High Street and Prince Alfred Road (see last
Newsletter) has now been withdrawn. We had objected to the design and materials proposed, which we considered to be out of keeping with the surrounding buildings and with the Conservation Area in general. We know that many local residents had also objected to the principle of a retail development on this site. It is not known, at present, whether Tesco are proposing to amend their plans or to abandon the project completely.

We have two PROVISIONAL dates for your diary:
Sat 8th July - A coach trip to BRADFORD, Yorkshire.
Sun 9th July - A visit to the refurbished
BLUE COAT SCHOOL Boardroom and Chapel.
Further details will be given in the next Newsletter.

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