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In our Newsletter 160 we reported that Liverpool City Council had refused to grant retrospective planning permission for the installation of UPVC windows and doors at 179 Thingwall Road, within the Wavertree Garden Suburb Conservation Area. The owner of the house subsequently submitted an appeal, and a government-appointed Planning Inspector invited comments from interested parties.

We argued - in line with our usual policy - that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with UPVC, but that the usual type of 'Georgian bar' UPVC frame, with white plastic strips sandwiched between the double glazed panes, can never reproduce the appearance of timber glazing bars. We suggested a compromise whereby raised glazing bars might be affixed to the front panes. However, the Planning Inspector stated: 'I am not satisfied that this would overcome the harm that I have identified [to] the character and appearance of the conservation area'.

Interestingly, the Inspector took the view that, while a number of houses in the area have had their windows altered over the years - without planning permission having been applied for or obtained - this makes it more rather than less important that the Conservation Area guidelines should be enforced. The only concession he made was to allow the UPVC windows at the rear of the property to be retained.

The result of this appeal is that the newly-installed windows and door at the front of the house will have to be removed, and replaced by timber frames matching the original Garden Suburb design. We know that the City Council is currently considering enforcement action against other property owners in the Conservation Area, who have gone ahead and installed new windows without permission. This appeal decision will, we hope, serve as a warning to anyone tempted to do likewise - and to double glazing companies who try and persuade home owners that planning permission is not needed.

The following planning applications have recently been submitted within the Wavertree Village Conservation Area:

Application Ref. 07H/0667 to install replacement UPVC windows to the front and rear of 87 High Street.

Application Ref. 07F/1236 to demolish the former Boxing Club in Wesley Place and build a two-storey dwelling on the site.

Application Ref. 07F/1164 to alter the ground floor of 16-20 High Street (permitted to be used as shops/offices with flats over) by removing the former Post Office shopfront - replacing it by windows similar to those further along the frontage - and inserting a mezzanine floor in the former bank/pub area.

Further details of these proposals may be obtained from the City Council's Planning Department (visit Millennium House, Victoria Street, or phone 0151 233 3021) the closing dates for any comments being 16th, 22nd and 30th May respectively.

Read the Planning Inspector's
decision letter

on the Thingwall Road planning application


Search for information on the progress of Liverpool
Planning Applications

on the City Council's 'planning explorer' website

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