Wavertree Cricket Club has recently published a magnificently-produced volume of records and reminiscences - 'a written and pictorial history' -  based on conversations with members of the club past and present, and research work at Liverpool Central Library. It is a large (A4 size) paperback of 300 pages, mainly concentrating on the postwar years but also taking the story back to 1854 when the club was founded. Snippets of information about local places and events are interspersed with detailed accounts of particular cricket seasons, personalities and fixtures. The book is just one element of the Cricket Club's 150th Anniversary Project - supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund - which has included the assembly of an archive of club photographs on CD-ROM and a library of 'oral history' interviews which will be made available (as part of the North West Sound Archive) for use by future researchers.

Copies of the book can be obtained, price £10,
from David Goodall - or
from the Club in Long Lane, Wavertree (Thursdays after 9 pm, Saturdays after 4 pm
and before 8 pm).


In November 2006 a First World War memorial was offered for sale on a well known internet auction site. Research showed that the marble tablet originated from the Wavertree area of Liverpool and - according to one source - specifically from the Mission in Wellington Road. The sale attracted a number of interested bidders; unfortunately, artefacts such as memorials attract a lot of interest. But, with the intention of returning the memorial to the community from whence it came, a bid was placed which secured the purchase of the tablet. It contains four names: Rifleman William W Lunt, Sergeant John Howe, Company Sergeant Major John Shaw, and Private Arthur Todd.

The owner of the memorial, Joe Devereux, is hoping that some of the faded lettering can be restored prior to relocation. If anyone knows of a site in Wavertree where the memorial can be preserved for posterity, please contact Joe - or have a word with one of our Committee members.

Read the story of Company Sergeant Major
John Alfred Shaw (MM and Bar)

Email David Goodall

Email Joe Devereux

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