•   The application (ref. 06F/2243) to build a Tesco Express store on the corner of Wavertree High Street and Prince Alfred Road was granted by the City Council's Planning Committee on 9th January. We had not objected to the principle of the development, but we did object to some aspects of the design: in particular the roofing material (which was described as 'granular coated composite tile effect sheet') and the windows. We also expressed concern over the lorry-access arrangements. Although the proposal - unlike the 'white box' design submitted and withdrawn last year - is for a fairly traditionally styled brick building with a pitched roof, we were disappointed to find that a large and profitable firm like Tesco does not employ top-quality architects when redeveloping Conservation Area sites like this one. Similar objections to ours were lodged by English Heritage and, as a result, the roof is now to be of reclaimed natural slate with blue ridge tiles, the upper windows on the High Street elevation are to be 'timber lookalike' recessed sash windows, and the ground-floor shop windows "shall be kept free from any vinyl film which can obscure views into the supermarket". Conditions have also been imposed to ensure that deliveries of goods do not coincide with school start and finish times.

  •   An application (ref. 06F/3660) has been submitted to erect a 12 metre high mobile phone mast in Long Lane, just outside the entrance to Wavertree Cricket Club. Although this is described as an 'imitation telegraph pole', we have seen such masts elsewhere in the city and we are not convinced that it will be any less obtrusive than a conventional mast. In view of the site's location within the Wavertree Village Conservation Area, we have supported local residents in their objection to the application.

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