Our next meeting

A film show on
Wednesday 28th March
at 7.30 pm
in the Olive Mount Community Centre, Edgewell Drive,
Liverpool L15

Twenty years ago, the tenement block known as Gerard Gardens in Liverpool city centre was demolished to make way for road widening and new houses. Designed and built in the 1930s by Liverpool's world famous City Architect, Sir Lancelot Keay, the flats were part of an ambitious plan to tackle the city's enormous housing problems. The residents established a very strong sense of community, which still existed at the time of demolition.

Paul Sudbury has made a film about Gerard Gardens, the content of which has been described as 'a rollercoaster ride of emotions - sadness and laughter'. He will be accompanied by Ged Fagan who has built (and will bring with him) a scale model of the flats. Other former residents have also been invited, and we hope they will contribute to a lively debate at the end of the film.
Copies of Ged's books - 'In a City Living' - will also be on sale.


The Olive Mount Community Centre is situated in Edgewell Drive, off Thingwall Road. There is direct pedestrian access from Childwall Road. (Enter the building through
the wooden gate by the palm tree!)

View our Location Map of
the Olive Mount
Community Centre

Visit Ged Fagan's
In a City Living

Image of Gerard Gardens © COPYRIGHT Mike Chitty

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