'Planning News' from our Newsletter 170


A Planning Inspector has refused to grant retrospective planning permission for the installation of UPVC windows at a house in Thingwall Road, within the Wavertree Garden Suburb Conservation Area. The Inspector agreed with our view (see Newsletter 169) that, while it is possible to make UPVC windows which mimic the appearance of the timber originals, the particular design used at No.131 is inappropriate both in terms of the frame proportions and the glazing-bar profile. We feel that this case highlights the need for a new Advisory Leaflet for the Conservation Area, setting out what is and is not acceptable - and reminding householders that work carried out without planning permission may later have to be 'undone' at their expense.


Applications for planning permission, listed building consent and advertisement consent have recently been submitted by J D Wetherspoon plc. We understand that Wetherspoons are in the process of acquiring the Town Hall from its current, Jersey-based, owners, and we feel that this is good news; the deteriorating state of the building in recent years has given us great cause for concern. We have supplied Wetherspoons with information about the history of the building, and hope that this will be reflected in their refurbishment scheme.


Applications for planning permission and conservation area consent have recently been submitted by Messrs McCarthy & Stone to build a block of sheltered apartments on the site of the Conservative Club in Church Road. Conservation area consent is needed because the scheme includes the demolition of the Edwardian house - originally called 'San Remo', later 'Waverton' - which lies within the boundary of the Wavertree Village Conservation Area. We have objected to this aspect of the proposal, on the grounds that the house - built by William Morrison, we understand, for his own occupation - is important to the character of the conservation area. (Morrisons were famous Liverpool builders in the early 20th century, being the main contractors for both the Blue Coat School and the Anglican Cathedral).

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