As most members are probably aware, one of the 120 exhibits on Liverpool's GoSuperlambananas Trail this summer was Starry Sunflower - a Superlambanana decorated in the style of Van Gogh - which was installed in Olive Mount Gardens, just off Mill Lane. This proved extremely popular, among both visitors and local residents, and it secured a very large sum for the Lord Mayor's Charity Appeal Fund when auctioned off in September.

Following pressure from their tenants, Cosmopolitan Housing Association decided to commission a replacement - this time decorated in the style of Monet's 'Water Lilies' - from the same artist, Alan Murray. We agreed to contribute £500 from the Wavertree Society's funds to enable this to go ahead - and on 11th November the finished product was unveiled by Phil Redmond, in his capacity as Creative Director of the Liverpool Culture Company.

Photo (left):
Phil Redmond and Alan Murray unveil 'Superlililambananala'.

See our special Olive Mount website for
more photographs of the unveiling

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