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Although you have no silver spoon
Better days are coming soon
Our Nelly's working at the Lune
And she gets paid on Friday

(Stan Kelly, Liverpool Lullaby)

The Lune Laundry stood on the north side of Lawrence Road, Wavertree, alongside the railway embankment. It was opposite the end of Claremont Road, and next door to the old Territorial Army Barracks (now the Frontline Church) on the corner of Wellington Road. The laundry building was demolished in 1987 to make way for the Rose Court housing development.

We have been asked for a photograph of the Lune Laundry but, surprisingly, have as yet been unable to find one. If you have any pictures or memories of the building, please contact our Local History Secretary, Mike Chitty.


My father, Albert Edward Hill, was born in the 'Smallest House in England', 95 High Street, Wavertree.  He was next to youngest of a large family, so I imagine it was more than necessary to get out of the house when it became a maternity ward. He went to Cow Lane College (Holy Trinity School) and was apprenticed at Kellitts on the High Street. Eventually he worked at Brookes, a large grocery firm in Clayton Square, Liverpool. With this job he used to bicycle through the Wirral and parts of Liverpool, collecting weekly grocery orders from the cooks/housekeepers of numerous wealthy customers.

Pye Street and Bowers Buildings were 'out of bounds' to me, as they were 'rough' and I was a very-protected only child. There were similar properties at the top of Wellington Road (behind the like-named public house). The Hill family had an association with Hicks, the bakers. Uncle Will, when he came back with TB after the first world war, was 'married' to Polly, the wife of John Hicks - I never did find out if married was the operative word - and they lived over the shop in Lawrence Road. My grandmother and her daughter, Jane, lived over the shop at the bottom of Southdale Road until they eventually moved to Eastdale Road. Kenneth Cope, the actor who appeared in many TV shows, was a resident in Eastdale Road and I can remember him as a lad going to the Holt School - which was then in Smithdown Road, almost opposite the hospital.

Ann Simms (née Hill)
of Nantwich, Cheshire

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UPDATE April 2008:
See what we said about the Lune in our March
Newsletter - and visit our special LUNE LAUNDRY memorabilia pages

Only the first two paragraphs of Ann Simms' remembrances are included on this page. Visit our WAVERTREE MEMORIES website for the full version.

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