Two summer walkabouts: Sunday 5th July and Sunday 26th July

Our book 'Discovering Historic Wavertree' - a self guided walk through and between the Wavertree Village and Wavertree Garden Suburb conservation areas - was published 10 years ago, in September 1999. Since that time, some of the buildings described in it (such as Sandown Hall) have sadly been lost, while other changes mean that the directions given are no longer accurate. And, of course, new information has come to light which is missing from the original published version.

To celebrate ten years of 'Discovering Historic Wavertree', we are proposing to publish a supplementary leaflet, updating the text, for distribution to all members of the Society - and future purchasers of the book. To do this, we need your help! Our Local History Secretary, Mike Chitty, will be leading two walkabouts, which together will cover the whole five mile route described in the book, looking for changes which need to be recorded and hearing suggestions of new items for inclusion.

The first walk - starting and finishing at the Picton Clock Tower - will cover Sections 1 to 8 and will include the High Street, the Mystery, Sandown Lane, Victoria Park and the Monks' Well. The second walk - starting and finishing at the Lock-up on the village green - will cover Sections 9 to 16: Church Road, the Mill site, Lance Lane, Thingwall Road, the Garden Suburb, Waldgrave Road and Mill Lane. The dates and start times are as follows: Walk 1, 5th July, 2.30 pm  -  Walk 2, 26th July, 2.30 pm.

Please note that these are not intended as 'guided walks', and those attending will be expected to have read the book first - or at least have a copy with them! For anyone who does not yet have a copy, they will be available to participants, on the day only, at just £3 each (usual price £4.95). Anyone who would like to help with this project will be very welcome to attend either or both events - or to contact Mike directly with any particular suggestions/corrections.

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