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We continue to receive information - and requests for information - from people all over the world who have Wavertree ancestry and have come across our website. Here is a selection of names from some recent enquiries:

William James AIREY, a dairyman living at 6 Mill Lane in 1932. (6 Mill Lane was one of the small cottages which used to stand opposite the Lake.)

Miss Cecilia WALTERS, a member of Hunters Lane Congregational Church, who died in 1937.

Mrs Margaret STEWART who, at the time of the 1911 Census, was living at Elm House, Lance Lane, with her five children ranging from 11-24 years old.

Thomas Leonard LEVER 'of Wavertree', born in 1921. He died on 30th April 1941 while serving as the wireless operator of a Wellington bomber which crashed in Bristol.

In addition, we have received an enquiry about left-wing politics in Wavertree in the 1920s and 30s, with particular reference to a Mr & Mrs Chris SIMPSON of Wavertree Garden Suburb.

If any of the above names 'rings a bell' - or if you know of any possible relatives still living in the area - please contact our Local History Secretary Mike Chitty

William James Airey (above) and Thomas Leonard Lever (below)

The person enquiring about Thomas Leonard Lever is Mr John Clarke, who has researched the Wellington bomber crash and set up a website. He knows that the young man was known as 'Len', his parents were Thomas and Margaret Lever and his grave is in Toxteth Park cemetery, Liverpool (Sec. 8. Cons. Grave 671). The gravestone shows that he had five sisters, all of whom died at a young age.

... take place, nationally, between 10th and 20th September, but in Wavertree the ONE date to remember is Sunday 20th September when FOUR local buildings will be open to the public, free of charge, during the afternoon. They are the Lock-up, Holy Trinity Church, the Blue Coat School (boardroom and chapel) and - added to the list for the first time this year - Hunters Lane Congregational Church.
More details will be given in our next Newsletter.

The printed Newsletter also includes another extract from
John Cameron's article 'An Evacuee from Salisbury Road' which you can find in the special Wavertree Memories
section of our website.

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