Wavertree Garden Suburb is 100 years old next year. The foundation stone of the first house - now numbered 13 Wavertree Nook Road - was laid on 20th July 1910. It was part of a national crusade to provide ordinary working people with good quality houses, in attractive surroundings, at affordable rents.

The estate was developed by a 'co-partnership' company - Liverpool Garden Suburb Tenants Ltd - in which the tenants were themselves shareholders (see our book 'Discovering Historic Wavertree' for further details). Right from the start, the aim was to create a sense of community. Although virtually all of the houses are now owner occupied - LGST having been dissolved in the 1930s - the unique character of the area remains.

The Wavertree Society's calendar for 2010 features 12 black-and-white photos depicting different aspects of the Garden Suburb's development and social life from 1910 onwards. We hope that it will be ready in time for Heritage Open Day on 20th September. For further details of its availability, please contact us.

The cover illustration (above left), of houses in Fieldway, is derived from a watercolour by the late Alan Bickley.

November 2009 UPDATE: The Calendar is now on sale.
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