31-33 Heathfield Road

In Newsletter 171 we reported that a planning application had been submitted to build a block of student flats on the former dairy/builder's yard in Coventry Road. This was followed by an application to convert the adjacent building, 31-33 Heathfield Road, into student accommodation. In the event, both of these applications were Withdrawn in December 2008. Now a new application has been submitted - ref.09F/2197 - to convert 31-33 Heathfield Road into 3 student accommodation units, each containing 6 bedrooms. We have reiterated our objection to the proposal, on the grounds of inadequate car parking provision. (The submitted drawings show a ground-floor room adapted for the storage of 18 bicycles, but no off-street car spaces at all).

Esso Petrol Station site

The proposed Tesco development on the corner of Wavertree High Street and Prince Alfred Road has been the subject of discussion at our last three Annual General Meetings. The situation is that - planning permission for a Tesco Express retail store having been granted in January 2007 - it has been found that the site is still very much contaminated and not yet ready for redevelopment. Two planning applications have therefore been submitted: one by Esso Petroleum Co. (ref. 09F/1445) to continue extracting groundwater and hydrocarbon vapours from the site - until at least May 2010 - and one by Tesco Stores Ltd (ref.09F/2332) to extend the lifetime of their previous planning permission. (A condition of the planning permission was that the development had to be started within 3 years).

34-36 High Street

In Newsletter 169 we reported that a planning application and listed building consent application had been submitted to convert the former Waynes' builders merchant's premises into an apart-hotel and restaurant, including demolition of outbuildings at the rear and their replacement by a new-build extension. These applications (ref. 08F/0671 and 08L/0672) were Refused by the City Council in June 2008. A modified version of the proposal - to alter and convert 34 High Street into a ground-floor restaurant with 4 hotel rooms above, to erect a three-storey detached building at the rear containing 10 hotel rooms, and to lay out an 11-space car park - was submitted in May 2009 (application ref.09F/1040) and this was Refused in September. The applicant has now submitted an Appeal, so the final decision will be made by the Planning Inspectorate. We shall be reiterating our views that - while we have no objection in principle to a hotel development - the proposal would be 'over-development' of the site bearing in mind the inadequate parking provision and the potential for noise nuisance.

To view the Planning Application drawings for 31-33 Heathfield Road or the Petrol Station site, and to find out whether a decision has yet been made, visit the Liverpool Planning Explorer website and enter the relevant reference (09F/2197, 09F/1445 or 09F/2332) into the Application Number box. Then click the 'Search' button. When details of the application appear, click the number, then click 'Related Documents' (at the bottom of the page).
To view any of the PDF files listed, right-click on the Document Name and
download/save the file in the usual way.

To check the progress of the 34-36 High Street appeal, visit the
Planning Inspectorate Casework Service
website and enter
into the Case Reference box. Then click the 'Search for Cases' button.
When details appear, click the number to view further information
about the appeal.

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