(Part 2) by Anne Picken
whose grandparents Catherine and Thomas Daly ran a shop at 15 Wavertree Nook - as pictured in the last
Newsletter - and whose mother, born in 1908, grew up there. Wavertree Nook (shown here on the 1908 Ordnance Survey map) was so-called because it was the north-easternmost corner of the old Township of Wavertree.

"Mum and her sisters used to go along the hawthorn-shaded cinder track known as Moss Hey to the Gladstone Mission Room for Band of Hope meetings. It was from there that she saw George 5th, Queen Mary and the Prince of Wales drive past for the opening of Queens Drive. She also remembers her brothers tying cotton from hawthorn to hawthorn so it would knock off the hats of men coming home in the twilight. Yobfulness has developed somewhat since then!

She also remembers pestering Mr Barnaby, landlord of The Rocket, for clay pipes to blow bubbles. He'd give one to each child and say he didn't want to see them for another year.

In 1914 my grandfather, aged 44, was posted to the Army quartermaster's department in Ormskirk. The suppliers ceased delivering, and the shop closed. When my grandfather came home he was plagued by the rheumatism which had been with him for a long time, and he didn't re-open. So a neighbour, Mrs Woods, opened a shop in her front room. When Waldgrave Road was built her shop transferred to proper premises there.

In 1923 The Nook made way for the Edge Lane Drive estate, and my mother and her family moved to 5 Waldgrave Road. She worked at Meccano until her marriage, whereupon she moved to Kenyon Road".

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