We continue to receive information - and requests for information - from people all over the world who have Wavertree ancestry and have come across our website.
Here is a selection of names from some recent enquiries:

George Morrison, born Childwall/Wavertree c.1815, a saddler in Wavertree 1841, and Ann Jane Donbavand, of Wavertree, who married him in 1839.

George Henry Rippon (or Rippin), who lived at 8 Macdonald Street in 1905/06, and Agnes Varley, who lived with him.

Eleanor Chamberlain, born Wavertree 1885, and William Crossland, her stepfather who lived at 6 Wellington Grove in 1901.

Mary Healey (or Healy), born Wavertree c.1868, who had moved with her Irish-born parents Thomas and Bridget to Rivington, Lancs, by 1871.

We have also, within the past month, been sent a photograph of a war memorial - an engraved slab about the size of two paving stones - which has been found on Gas Company premises near Oldham. It is inscribed as follows:

The Great War 1914-1918. The men employed at the Wavertree Gas Works, whose names are inscribed below, gave their lives for their fellow countrymen.
Frederick Antrobus, William Baines,
Harry E Price, William Robinson,
John Scott, Harry Stephenson.

If any of the above names 'rings a bell' - or if you know of any possible relatives still living in the area - please contact our Local History Secretary Mike Chitty

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