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Many members living in Wavertree Garden Suburb will have been sorry to see the felling of a large beech tree - in the front garden of 137 Thingwall Road - in early February. We understand from the Planning Department that this tree had been inspected, having shown signs of instability during recent gales, and found to be potentially dangerous. (All the trees within the Wavertree Garden Suburb Conservation Area are covered by a tree preservation order). Replacement planting will be insisted upon, though the species, size and exact location have not yet been decided. During guided walks round the area, we used to point out how - when it was built in 1912 - this terrace of houses in Thingwall Road had been deliberately set back at an angle to the road, so as not to disturb the existing tree, which was obviously regarded as a valued specimen and local landmark even in those days.


Following comments from members and others - notably visitors to the Lock-up on Heritage Open Day last year - we are hoping to persuade the City Council to draw up a programme of improvements for Wavertree village green. We have listed a number of defects in the fabric of the Lock-up itself, which we feel require urgent attention, and we also feel that the trees closest to the Lock-up are now detracting from its appearance and possibly leading to further damage, blocked gutters, etc. Some of us remember these trees being planted in the early 1970s, when the Green had a much more open appearance than it does today, and we feel that some of them are now in need of removal.


In July 2006 (see Newsletter 160) planning permission was granted to use the car parking area in front of the Coffee House pub, Church Road North, as an outdoor drinking area, suitably landscaped with planters, tables and parasols. It seems that the planning permission, though, did not cover the structures which were subsequently installed, and in late 2008 an Enforcement Notice was issued by the City Council requiring the removal of "five sectional metal barriers and a metal vertical support frame (with plastic canopy)" from the site. The owners have now appealed against this Enforcement Notice, and a planning inspector will make a final ruling shortly.


We have been told by J D Wetherspoon plc that the company has put the acquisition of Wavertree Town Hall "on hold for the foreseeable future". The building was owned by the London & Edinburgh Inns group, which went into administration in 2006. We understand that the present owners, a company called GUKAPF Asset Co. (No.1) Ltd, of St Helier, Jersey, are now looking for a new buyer for the empty building.

For information on the outcome of the Coffee House appeal, go to

and type the Appeal Ref. - APP/Z4310/C/08/2091200 - into the
Case Reference box. Then click 'Search for Cases'.

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