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Many Wavertree residents and passers-by got a shock in early March when the four dials of the Picton Clock 'disappeared'. However, the City Council's press office quickly explained that there was nothing to worry about: the faces were to be overhauled at a cost of £10,000 and replaced 'in 4-6 weeks'. The work is being carried out by specialist contractors - the Cumbria Clock Company - at their workshop in the village of Dacre just north of Ullswater.

The proposal is to remove cracked and damaged sections of the clock faces (which are a mixture of glass and acrylic) and replace them with like-for-like glazed sections where repair is not possible. The cast iron frames will be refurbished and then re-bedded with new putty. All metal surfaces will receive a protective treatment, and further pointing will be carried out to areas around the dials. At the same time, the four sets of dial motions and bevel gearing will also be refurbished.

Our summer coach trip:
LUDLOW on Saturday 11th July

Following the 'sell-out' success of our day trips to Shrewsbury in 2007 and Lancaster in 2008, we are visiting another historic market town this summer. Our destination on Saturday 11th July will be Ludlow in Shropshire - described by Sir John Betjeman as "England's finest town" - and our hosts will be the Ludlow Civic Society. All members and friends of the Wavertree Society are invited to join us, and as usual the cost will be £10 per person. (Details of the booking arrangements are included in the printed Newsletter which has been sent to members).

Photo: View of the town from Ludlow Castle, featuring
St Laurence's Church and
the market square.

Find out more about the Ludlow's attractions and the Ludlow Civic Society

The printed Newsletter also includes edited extracts from
John Cameron's article 'An Evacuee from Salisbury Road' which you can find in the special Wavertree Memories
section of our website.

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