Further to the article in our last Newsletter, the Wavertree Society will be asking the City Council to reconsider the design of the Picton Road, Wellington Road and Rathbone Road junction. The crossroads are a major barrier to pedestrian movement due to having no crossing 'phase' for people on foot. There is no safe time to cross. Car is definitely king at this junction. A small pedestrian audit has been undertaken by one of our Committee members, and it is clear that people are making numerous attempts to cross. The Wavertree Society will be conducting a full audit to observe people crossing this junction, and will be asking you to give us your thoughts on how safe it is. If you have ever had any issues at this crossing, we would be interested in hearing from you.

See a
Bird's Eye View

of the
road junction

These photographs were taken at around 3 p.m. on Monday 8 March 2010.
Except for the black-and-white image, which shows the junction in the days when traffic was lighter,
and a policeman was often on hand to assist!

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