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Over the past few months - as a result of our participation in the Wavertree Farmers Markets, our distribution of the Wavertree Village Conservation Area advisory leaflet, and our questioning of pedestrians at the Wellington Road/Picton Road junction - we have become aware that many local residents have never heard of the Wavertree Society, in spite of our 33 years of existence. More recently - as a result of feedback from the inaugural meeting of the new Wavertree Business Forum, and overheard conversations in shops and pubs - we have become aware that many people have a false impression of what we actually do.

In particular we have heard claims that the Wavertree Society 'objects to everything' and 'stopped Wetherspoons taking over the Town Hall'. (In fact, we actively encouraged Wetherspoons, back in 2007, to consider buying Wavertree Town Hall, and expressed support for their refurbishment scheme when they submitted their planning and listed building consent applications). On the other hand, we have heard from former members of the Society - when we have enquired why they haven't renewed their subscriptions - that the Wavertree Society 'doesn't do enough' to promote the conservation and improvement of the area.

What do you think? The Society's Committee meets every month, and we discuss not only the planning applications submitted within our area but also any communications which have been received about local issues, whether from members of the Society or non-members. At our April meeting we agreed that, at future talks, etc., we would encourage those present to write down what they would like the Society to do (or NOT do or say) about any matters of local concern.

If you would like to contribute any suggestions about what we should be doing or saying, or to comment on how we have been performing so far, please do make contact
with us.

on Saturday 17th July

departing from Lake Road, Wavertree, at 8.45 am

We continue our tradition of annual outings with a visit by coach to the Derbyshire spa town of Buxton. As usual, we shall have the benefit of a guided walking tour by local civic society members, but we shall also allow plenty of free time for participants to explore the town by themselves. The Buxton Festival will be in full swing, so there should be plenty to see and do.

The cost this year will be £11 per person. For further information, contact
our Chairman, Robert Zatz.

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