At the Liverpool City Council Meeting held on Wednesday, 9th March 2011 at 5.00 p.m. the following Motion was carried, and it was resolved accordingly:

Motion by Councillor Rosie Jolly (Wavertree Ward) seconded by Councillor Warren Bradley:

"Council recognises that in terms of good practice the conservation of places, buildings and artefacts is not limited to historic icons within the city centre. Many communities, city-wide are steeped in history of the Liverpool past, in some areas this is deep rooted within a community, underpinning its sense of place and identity.

"Council acknowledges with gratitude the role of community activists/ organisations whose interest plays a key role in maintaining and monitoring conservation areas across the city, acting as guardians and community champions of historic assets

"Council further acknowledges that preserving historic buildings and other key features within our communities is as equally important as preserving those within the city centre. Furthermore Council acknowledges that breaches of conservation in terms of planning should be treated seriously and that the voices and concerns raised by community champions should be taken into account.

"Council recognises, when history is lost through ignorance or the blatant disregard of conservation rules it is lost forever. The impact on a community its sense of place and identity is also lost.

"Council therefore questions the actions of developers in Wavertree who have shamefully made alterations to the front elevation of the smallest house in England, a house which has long had a place in the history books, a house, which to the community is now beyond recognition.

"Council therefore calls on the Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Transport to review how breaches of planning in areas of conservation are managed in the best interest of the community. Furthermore Council reaffirms its commitment to conservation in its widest sense and to working in partnership with local community champions to protect the city's historic asset base".

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