From time to time we receive emailed reminiscences from former Wavertree residents. One of our recent correspondents has been Graham Hirst of Gloucestershire, who has also sent us a photograph (reproduced above) of the Northway School Chess Team of 1950/51. This is what he wrote:

I attended Northway Primary School between about 1945 and 1951. I lived at 60 Glendevon Road, Broadgreen with my mother and stepfather. (My father died in Burma/India during the war). My own 'blood' father's family lived in Abbeystead Road, where I believe Arthur Askey also lived at one time. Since 1961 I have lived in Gloucestershire.

I can remember well the days of:
Collecting our bottles of milk from the school air-raid shelters in the playground.
The old fashioned dentist across the road in front of the school & the pain he inflicted!!!
The barm cakes from the cake shop across the road.
The tramcars coming up through the "Rocket" at Queens Drive through to Liverpool and on occasion sitting next to Billy Liddell (Liverpool FC).
Saturday morning cinema at Old Swan.
Buying the first issue of the Eagle Comic at a little shop at the end of Glendevon Road on Queens Drive.
A most memorable trip to Cronton Collieries. I could only go because my pal Kenny had measles & was unable to go. Thanks Kenny!!

I remember well receiving the cane from Miss Sadorsky, having been reported by my reading partner (Ann Walpole?) for talking to a boy at the desk in front of mine. This was followed by a long walk home to my Grandma's house at the far end of Elms House Road, Old Swan.
In 1950/51 we had a great chess team at Northway Primary and became Liverpool Junior School Chess Champions. In the photograph, I am the one at the extreme right on the Back Row. Our teacher at that time was Mr Lyons (Front Row, extreme right hand side). I recall I drew one game at Dovedale Road School and won all my other games.

Since living in Gloucestershire, my daughter whilst at Rednock Comprehensive School, palled up with a girl whose mother came from Liverpool and also spent a short time at Northway Primary. This lady only lives about 150 yards from my home. It's a small world!!!

Best regards
Graham E Hirst

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