We continue to receive requests for information from people who are researching local or family history. Here are two recent examples:


This well-known firm of builders - the main contractors for Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral - had its head office at Grange Terrace, Wavertree, in the 1920s. It originated as Okills & Morrison, who were the builders of Wavertree Town Hall in 1872. William Morrison lived, from about 1900 onwards, at San Remo in Church Road, Wavertree. This house (later called Waverton) is currently being refurbished, and we hope that it will form the subject of a future Newsletter article. Any information about the firm or the family, or old photographs of the house, will be gratefully received by our Local History Secretary, Mike Chitty.


This was the nickname of the public recreation ground at the far western end of the Township of Wavertree. Bounded by Cadogan Street, Carlyle Street, Chichester Street and Cambridge Street, it was a very small open space - created in about 1890 on land given by Lord Salisbury - in a crowded area of terraced housing. Perhaps the nickname Piggymuck/Pigmuck Square arose because it quickly degenerated into a muddy quagmire? What do you know about it? Do you have any photographs of the open space itself, or of the surrounding area? Please let Mike know.

Below: The area around 'Piggymuck Square' as shown on the Ordnance Survey map sheet published in 1908

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