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The Wavertree Society now has a page on Facebook, to publicise the Society's activities and to provide more frequent news updates than has been possible up till now. We are also supporting a Facebook group called the Wavertree Appreciation Society - which is quite separate from our own Society, having been set up by a group of present and former Wavertree residents as a forum for local news, chat and reminiscences. We encourage anyone with internet access to take a look at these web pages, and take part in the discussions.

Join the 'Wavertree Appreciation Society' Facebook

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We wish a Happy New Year to all members and friends of the Wavertree Society. If you haven't yet purchased a copy of our Bygone Businesses of Wavertree calendar (pictured below), contact
our Sales Officer Sheilagh Birch, or come along to our meeting on 18th January when the remaining stocks will be on sale, price £2.50.

One of the PERSONAL BENEFITS offered by Civic Voice to members of the Wavertree Society is a day pass giving free admission to (almost) any National Trust property. Details were given in the May 2010 Newsletter; and the offer has been extended this year to include English Heritage properties. For further information come along to the talk on 18th January - or (IF YOU ARE A PAID-UP MEMBER) email us for instructions on how to obtain your vouchers.

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