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The publication of our last Newsletter brought a swift response from our local councillors. Councillors Helen Casstles and Rosie Jolly both offered to help get our ideas implemented - Cllr Jolly allocating some of her 'discretionary funding' to meet part of the cost of tree felling and/or replacement planting. The response from the Council's legal and planning officers, however, was to impose a Tree Preservation Order on all of the trees which stand on the village green: 24 in total, including 16 Norway Maples which are the trees planted circa 1970 (too close together, in our opinion).

This 'provisional' TPO will remain in force for 6 months, or until such time as the Council decides to confirm or abandon it. We duly lodged an objection to the TPO, asking that it be modified so that it does not cover the trees closest to the Lock-up. The Council's response is currently awaited.


Our good friends the Wavertree Appreciation Society - a Facebook group with over 350 members - are going from strength to strength and their web page is full of interesting photos and memories of old (and not-so-old) Wavertree. You can find them at

Meanwhile we have set up our own Wavertree Society channel on YouTube where you can view videos including the 1990 Wakes Fayre and the 1999
'Hidden Wavertree' TV programme.
Go to

The national Heritage Open Days weekend this year is 12th-15th September. It is not at present known whether it will be extended locally, as it has been in the past, into a 'Liverpool Heritage Open Month', but we have settled on
as the date when the Lock-up and (we hope) about 8 other
Wavertree venues will be open to the public free of charge.

Please put the date in your diary now. If you are the owner/custodian of a historic Wavertree building which has not previously participated in Heritage Open Day but would like to do so, please let us know.

View the full text of our Objection to the Wavertree Village Green
Tree Preservation Order

Visit the national
Heritage Open Days


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