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WHAT WE THINK NOW (continued)

On 11th April 2013 three members of the Wavertree Society's Executive Committee - Robert Zatz, John Wood and Mike Chitty - attended the public meeting, called by the 'Save Manweb Playing Field' group of local residents, at the Coffee House, Wavertree. The Wavertree Society's Executive Committee met immediately afterwards, and discussed the outcome of that meeting and of the Public Consultation event.

The Committee resolved unanimously to re-affirm its previous
statement of July 2012  but (bearing in mind that the deadline for QE2 Fields nominations is 1st June 2013, so this is almost certainly no longer an option) also resolved to add a further paragraph requesting Liverpool City Council to:

(i) Enforce the terms of the Lease with regard to maintenance of the land and the perimeter fence.

(ii) Negotiate with the Lessee with a view to the City Council taking over the Lease.

(iii) Hold public meetings - in a safe, accessible venue - and a professionally designed and managed consultation exercise to ascertain the views of local residents.

(iv) Study the demand for and the economic viability of making provision for various different sports in this location.

(v) Find a new Lessee who is willing and able to operate the sports ground in a way that both meets the identified demand of potential users and maintains the amenities of local residents.

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You can download a copy of the existing Lease from here

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For the background to this Statement, see the articles in our  September 2011, October 2011, March 2012, May 2012 and September 2012 Newsletters, and our March 2013 'news extra' page.

Local residents have formed the Save Manweb Playing Field group. You can join at

Above: Visuals of the proposed Sports Village, exhibited at the Public Consultation event on 5th April 2013

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