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WHAT WE THINK NOW (continued)

Here are the notes taken by Mike Chitty at the Public Consultation event on 5th April 2013:

1. When asked how he had come to purchase the Lease from Scottish Power in 2011, CC (i.e. Mr Chris Chetwood, who did not immediately identify himself as the owner, merely stating that he was a representative of Mason & Partners) said "I used to work for them". Asked to clarify this, he explained "Scottish Power were one of our [i.e. Mason & Partners] clients.

2. A former chairman of the Manweb Sports & Social Club, who had heard about the Public Consultation event from former members and made a special effort to attend, stated that Scottish Power had rejected the Club's offer of £50,000 for the Lease. CC could not explain why this offer had not been accepted in preference to his own offer of £40,000. The former Club chairman was especially critical of the current state of the playing field, pointing out that Scottish Power were always putting pressure on the Club to keep the grass mown and it was in a playable condition right up until the Club's demise in 2010.

3. When asked why he had failed to maintain the grassed areas and the perimeter fencing, CC said that he had 'persuaded' the City Council to cut the grass but the mowers had become clogged before the job had been completed.

4. When asked why only football was being catered for, rather than a mix of sports such as that offered by the previous Club, CC said "we know that we can make money from football". When asked about the operating hours, CC said that the facilities would have to be open until 10 p.m. every evening, as "adult football from 9 till 10 is the biggest earner".

5. In spite of his insistence that this was a commercial venture, CC confirmed that "charities and community groups will be allowed to use the facilities free of charge" during the daytime. He did not explain how this arrangement would be funded or guaranteed. A variety of logos and information sheets were displayed - the LCFA (Liverpool County Football Association), Everton in the Community, SALT Alternative Education, Marshalls Football Club, Millstead School, Mossley Hill Football Club, The Football Foundation, CIC Group (Community Integrated Care), Liverpool Homeless Football Club and LFC Football 4 All - but there was no indication of what consultation with these bodies had taken place or whether they are likely to want to use the facilities.

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Local residents have formed the Save Manweb Playing Field group. You can join at

Above: The Sports Ground viewed from Thingwall Road, February 2013

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