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WHAT WE THINK NOW (continued)

6. When asked how his combination of housing development and high-intensity 'sports village' could be described as appropriate development on a Green Space, CC said "it's not Green Space, it's a Recreation Ground". When challenged on this, he simply repeated his statement (though in fact the sports ground is shown as Green Space in the Liverpool UDP (Unitary Development Plan)).

7. When asked whether he was aware that a high-pressure gas main runs underneath the field (laid only a few years ago) behind the houses in Southway, CC admitted that he was not. He said, though, that he would have to investigate this, as there are restrictions on what can be done near a gas main.

8. When asked whether he was aware of the anti-social behaviour problems which had arisen when 'bunds' had been created in the nearby Northway Park, CC admitted that he was not. He suggested that "planting brambles on top" would be a possible solution.

9. When asked whether he himself would like to live in a house overlooking a tall timber fence, blocking the previously open view across playing fields, CC admitted that he would probably object to such a proposal.

10. When asked why 16 houses had been proposed, CC said "that is what we think we'll get away with". When asked whether he would agree to a planning condition to ensure that the sports facilities are built before the houses are occupied, he said that this would be impossible as he is reliant on the sale of the housing land to provide the funds for the sports development.

11. When asked what alternative sources of funding had been investigated, apart from selling-off land for housing, CC said "Warren Bradley promised me a list, but never got back to me". When asked whether he had considered the suggestion of nominating the site as a QE2 Field, CC replied that he had decided against this course of action.

12. When asked how long it would take for the scheme to be implemented, CC's estimate was that a planning application would be submitted in 3 months time, planning approval would be obtained 3 months after that, and the new sports facilities would be "up and running in 12 months".

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Local residents have formed the Save Manweb Playing Field group. You can join at

The Wainhomes housing layout plan exhibited at the Public Consultation event on 5th April 2013

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