We were delighted to hear, recently, from 'one of our oldest' members, Stanley Fothergill, who now lives in the Isle of Wight but was born in Wavertree Garden Suburb on 21st May 1913. This is what he had to say:

"My father and mother were Walter and Bertha Fothergill. My father worked as a Water and Rates Official at Wavertree Town Hall. I was born at 35 South Way, Wavertree and my parents had to pay the Scottish doctor for my delivery! I had 3 older siblings, Geoffrey, Donald and Kathleen followed later by 4 younger siblings, Donald, Harry, Alan and Phyllis.

"I recall the roads around our house were still lit by gas lamps and a man would go round with his ladder to maintain them. South Way was lined with an equally spaced avenue of red and white flowered Hawthorn trees. My father maintained the trees directly outside our house. Our home still had the gas points in each room and these were plugged off when electric light was introduced. I remember that from our attic window I could see my sister playing tennis on the tennis courts behind our house. I remember seeing the women of Mill Lane and St Oswalds Street carrying their laundry on their backs to and from the washhouse on the corner of St Oswalds Street to do their washing."

(To be continued ...)

Our congratulations go to Stanley on his special day. 
The pictures below show him in 2013 and - as an elf - circa 1920.

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