In response to the appeal for information in Newsletter 190, we received the following email from Peter Humphreys, who now lives in Dublin:

"When I was a kid, I went to St Hugh's Primary School (1955-1961). When in middle class (I think, certainly not infants) our classrooms were in concrete, flat-roofed prefabs in Piggy Muck Square. The school occupied the half nearest to Carlyle Street, with the other half being a Council Playground with swings, climbing frames and so on. I really enjoyed those years, with more freedom away from the main school on Earle Road/Lawrence Road, and we used to go across at lunch-time to a small sweet shop on Carlyle Street that sold lemonade in old Shippams Jars for a halfpenny or a penny each (sorry cannot remember). I also loved it because after school I could run up to Tunnel Road to watch the Red Rose (London) LMS Express go under the bridge and create a great puff of smoke and cinders. As far as I understood, the Square was named because of the foul smells coming from the Gas Works on Spotty (Spofforth) Road. The teachers would get up as quickly as possible to close the windows! I hope this is helpful. I certainly enjoyed remembering it."

Many thanks, Peter. Any other recollections of Piggymuck Square - or Wavertree in general - will be very welcome.

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