November 2014: Newsletter 202 advertises a talk entitled 'Taking Baubles to Bethlehem' - about the Wavertree firm who dress the Christmas tree in Manger Square.

September 2014:
Newsletter 201 contains a map of Wavertree's Heritage Open Day venues, an update on the Manweb sports ground and details of new items offered for sale at our meetings.

July 2014:
Newsletter 200 looks back over the previous 100 issues, and publicises our renewed worries about the future of the ex-Manweb playing fields.

May 2014:
Newsletter 199 advertises a visit to Wavertree's Holy Trinity Church war memorial, and reiterates our concerns about the Olive Mount Sports Ground.

March 2014:
Newsletter 198 has information about plans for the former Liverpool Bowling Club site in Church Road, and memories of Wavertree High Street and the Garden Suburb Institute.

January 2014:
Newsletter 197 sets out our Targets for 2014 and advertises a talk about the history of the RSPCA in Liverpool.

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