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The RSPCA's Liverpool Branch has written, asking us to thank all those who attended Jean Clough's talk in January and contributed so generously to their funds.

Tuesday 20th May:
A talk about the war memorial at Holy Trinity Church
Sunday 14th September:
Heritage Open Day in Wavertree
For confirmation and further details, please see our next Newsletter.


"I was born in South Drive, Victoria Park Wavertree in 1953 right opposite Maryvale - the old house that became Our Lady's Social Club. I lived there until I was about 5. We then moved temporarily to Grosvenor Road, as my Dad was out of work due to food poisoning, before moving to 33A High Street, the flat over the cobblers shop. I have subsequently discovered that the house we lived in was on the original site of the Old Post Office. It was next to Rose Cottage and the derelict houses between the Cottage and the row of cottages next to the Rose Vaults which was one of my father's watering holes. The Murphys were the tenants at that time.

"I was friends with Gerry Murphy, the second youngest of five lads, who went to Our Lady's with me. I spent many a happy time playing in the yard at the back of the Pub. My dad was a seaman and my Mum worked in the fruit shop on the High Street (now Chillies). I think the shop was called Robinsons. I've got great memories of living in Wavertree as a child. I think in the 50s and 60s this was the best place to grow up in Liverpool. We had so much 'green space' and 'bombies' to play in. Life was a great adventure."

(Bill now lives in Knotty Ash. There will be more of his memories in the next Newsletter.)

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