At a recent Wavertree Society Committee meeting, it was resolved that a letter should be sent to Liverpool City Council expressing our concern about the future of the Olive Mount (ex-Manweb) Sports Ground, the freehold of which is owned by the City Council but the lease of which is in private hands.
The letter, addressed to the City Solicitor and signed by our Chairman, reads as follows:

"On 27 March 2014 the former Manweb Sports & Social Club building off Thingwall Road was severely damaged by fire. The freehold of the building and the adjacent sports ground is owned by Liverpool City Council, but a 125-year lease was sold to Scottish Power in 1995, and re-sold to the current Lessees (Messrs C Chetwood and P Pearce) in June 2011. The 2011 sale price (only £40,000) reflected the fact that the lease from the City Council restricts the use of the land to 'sports related' activities.

"Since the new Lessees  took control of the land, it has been neglected - in contravention of the lease which requires them to keep the whole of the property in good condition. A residents organisation - OBWRA - has been set up and has submitted proposals to the Council to create a community-owned and community-beneficial recreational asset on the site.

"Could we please have your assurance that the City Council will do its utmost to enforce the terms of the lease, to reclaim the costs which have been incurred (security, firefighting, demolition, etc.) from the current Lessees, and to seek the handing over of the lease to an organisation which has the interests of the community, rather than private profit, at heart."

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