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OUR A.G.M. is on 19th October
The 38th Annual General Meeting of the Wavertree Society will be held at 2pm on Sunday 19th October 2014, in the Olive Mount Community Centre, Edgewell Drive, Liverpool L15 8GG. All members - and prospective members - of the Wavertree Society are encouraged to attend and take part in our discussion of current issues.


We are pleased to report that the book WAVERTREE by Mike Chitty & David Farmer - a collection of over 200 archive photographs first published in 2004 - has now been reprinted by The History Press, having been unavailable for several years. Copies will be on sale at the Lock-up on Heritage Open Day, and at future Wavertree Society meetings (our price £10, bookshop price £12.99).

Our BYGONE WAVERTREE CALENDAR for 2015 will also be on sale for the first time on September 14th. The front cover features a colour photo of the 1987 Wavertree Wakes Fayre maypole dancers (above right).

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Heritage Open Day

View our  Location Map of the A.G.M. venue:
the Olive Mount Community Centre

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