The Liverpool Local Plan will supersede the UDP (Unitary Development Plan) in a few years' time. The City Council has begun consulting on what the new plan should include, and in September a Select Committee of the Council considered the representations that had so far been received. One of the main items was a long list of Council-owned sites, in many different parts of the city, currently designated in the UDP as Green Space, that the Council's Physical Assets Department want re-classifying as Residential development land. Two of them are in Wavertree ward: Sandown Park Playing Field (Long Lane) and Olive Mount Playing Field (ex-Manweb, Thingwall Road).

A non-party-political citywide campaign group is being set up to fight these proposals, and safeguard Liverpool's green spaces for future generations to enjoy. If you are interested in helping this campaign, please let us know. Meanwhile the Council is carrying out a 'Post-Consultation Survey', seeking people's views on the suggestions which have already been made (including the LCC Physical Assets list of sites).

To take part, go to

We hope that you will take this opportunity to register your opposition to the loss of any of our local Green Spaces.

An extract from Page 49 of the LCC Physical Assets document, showing the boundaries of sites 2 (Olive Mount Playing Field) and 22 (Sandown Park Playing Field) within Wavertree Ward. The complete PDF file can be downloaded from

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