The petrol filling station on the north side of Picton Road, near the corner of Sandown Lane, has been a feature of the local scene for many years, but it is now closed down. (A photo taken in 1978, when petrol cost only 15p a litre, happens to be at the top of our November 2014 Calendar page).

We hope to include an article about the site - past, present and future - in a future Newsletter. It once formed the front garden area of a row of four houses called 'Almond Terrace' (actually two pairs of semis) only one of which - No.199 Picton Road - survives (and is a Listed Building).

The photograph below was taken in the 1860s. Any information about the houses or their former occupants would be welcomed by our Local History Secretary, Mike Chitty

Above: Almond Terrace in the early 1860s
The Petrol Station in 1978

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