When the Millstead estate was built in the early 60s it became our adventure playground. Fighting the war, balancing on bare rafters with nothing underneath except the opportunity to break your neck, we spent many a happy hour there before being chased off by the local bobby. Before that I remember the Jack Lowe fields that were on the site, complete with horses. One of our class mates John Corkhill lived at the back of the Lamb hotel in like a courtyard. I think all this belonged to Jack Lowe too. I can remember going across the cobbles to John's house with chickens squawking everywhere you went. I remember Reece's Dairy at the top of the High Street just before the Lamb Hotel. It was my task to go every day to get the milk. My reward was the cream off the top of the Channel Islands milk we used to buy!! The hills at the bottom of South and North Drive were fantastic for 'freewheelin' on our bikes. In those days there was hardly any traffic at all. Nowadays you can't move for the volume of cars in and around this part of Wavertree. It is practically 'gridlocked' most days. South Drive will always be a part of my life for the bottom of the hill was the place where the novice cyclist that I was went head over heels and landed on his head. Not a great idea to freewheel all the way and then just slam on the FRONT brakes!! I went home that day with pride hurt and a massive 'egg' on my head but lived to fight another day!

Hope this brings back memories for other ex Wavertree lads n lasses.

Cheers, Bill McCaldon

[Bill was born in South Drive, Victoria Park, in 1953. Parts 1 and 2 of his memories appeared in the March
and May 2014 Newsletters]

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