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The Story of the RSPCA
in Liverpool

A talk by Jean Clough
on Wednesday 22nd January at 7.30pm
in the Olive Mount Community Centre,
Edgewell Drive, L15 8GG

In 1809, a meeting was held at the Crown & Anchor in Bold Street, Liverpool, to form a "Society for the Suppression and Prevention of Wanton Cruelty to Brute Animals". A major objective was to protect the working animals - horses and oxen - on Liverpool's streets. The hauliers and carters of the day were not happy, and it is said that the society's meetings had to be held in secret to avoid its members being waylaid. In 1824 a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was formed in London, and in 1840 Queen Victoria gave permission to add the 'Royal' prefix. A year later, in 1841, the Liverpool group joined the national Society.

Today, the RSPCA Liverpool Branch (Charity No 232254) proudly describes itself as "probably the oldest animal charity in the world". Jean Clough has been a member of the branch for almost 25 years, and has been its Chairman for the past 10 years. The branch operates a veterinary clinic in Kirkby, and has accommodation for cats and dogs (though no longer horses) in Halewood. Jean will talk about its long history, its achievements - "with thanks to the people of Liverpool who made it all happen" - and will bring the story of the Society's activities up to date.

ALL WELCOME - Admission free - Donations invited

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