For the first time ever, Liverpool City Council has granted planning permission (ref. 13H/1893) for UPVC windows within the Wavertree Garden Suburb Conservation Area. But this does NOT, we are told, indicate a change in policy; it is because the applicant found a company able to manufacture windows exactly matching the original design. We hope to have more to say about this in a future Newsletter.

Meanwhile the Council is pursuing enforcement action against a number of householders who have had UPVC windows installed without applying for planning permission. Please remember that, if you live within the Conservation Area boundary (see below) and are considering window replacement, paving work, etc., or any form of tree pruning, it is ESSENTIAL that you contact the Planning Department first - phone 0151 233 3021 and they will call you back - to ask whether planning permission or tree works consent is needed.

For details of our local Conservation Area boundaries,
please visit these pages elsewhere on our website:
Wavertree Garden Suburb Conservation Area map

Wavertree Village Conservation Area map

To view the drawings, etc., for Planning Application 13H/1893,
visit the Liverpool Planning Explorer
(To view any of the PDF files listed, right-click on the Document Name
and download/save the file in the usual way).

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