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Below: An extract from Bennison's map of 1835
(rotated 67 degrees clockwise, so North is at the top)
compared with the present-day Ordnance Survey
street map for the same area.

Part 2

In fact, on the Ordnance Survey six-inch map published in 1851, the building on the west side of Church Lane and the north side of Fir Lane is indicated as 'Hamilton Hall', rather than Wavertree Hall. Woolton Road is shown on the Wavertree Enclosure Map (1769) as "the Road from Hamiltons Fir Nook towards Gateacre", so it seems that the name Hamilton had been associated with the house for some time. On Bennison's map, though (1835), the owner's name is given as 'Mrs Hinde'.

Kelly's Directory of Liverpool for 1894 lists 'Smith John Andrew (Wavertree Hall)' in Church Road. The Ordnance Survey map published in 1893 confirms that Wavertree Hall was a building set well back from Church Road, just north of Fir Lane. Earlier directories, and the censuses, tend to list the house under Prince Alfred Road rather than Church Road. The 1881 Census, for example, records a household containing 8 members of the Smith family (all born in Liverpool):

John aged 64, a General Merchant, his wife Elizabeth aged 63, his unmarried sons Herbert 34 (General Merchant), Hanley 33 (Stock & Share Broker), Walter 24 (Stock & Share Broker) and Harold 23 (Apprentice Stock & Share Broker) and his daughters Edith 28 and Ada 27, together with three servants: Margaret Humphreys 28, a Waitress born in Wales, Ellen Dickinson 19, a Housemaid born in the Isle of Man, and Rose Henshaw 19, a Kitchen Maid born in Liverpool.

The Smith household was recorded in the same location in 1871.

(To be continued in a future Newsletter)

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