Other items from our Newsletter 208

A new group has been formed, made up of people with a particular interest in Wavertree Playground, and with ideas for its management and improvement. The inaugural meeting - called by the three ward councillors for Wavertree - was held on 19th October. The next meeting will take place on Monday 23rd November, starting at 7pm, when the results of a recent survey of park users will be discussed. All are welcome to attend. The venue is the Wavertree Athletics Centre, off Wellington Road. Further information is available from


At our AGM in October, our member Joyce Edwards talked about her ideas for brightening up the High Street/Picton Road. It was agreed that bare metal security shutters do nothing for the 'image' of what is meant to be a Conservation Area. The suggestion was to introduce a co-ordinated colour scheme, and - with the co-operation of business owners - to incorporate a series of logos or other graphic images depicting Wavertree's history, landmarks and/or trades. Planning permission will be needed, and we have already opened discussions with the Council's conservation officers.
Another of our members, Martin Hudson, is planning a similar scheme for the Penny Lane area, but was unable to attend the AGM. Martin has past experience of a shopfront improvement project in Scotland, and we are hoping that he will give us a presentation in the New Year to stimulate further discussion.

Following the talk we had a year ago, regarding Wavertree firm The Christmas Decorators, who won the contract for lighting Manger Square in Bethlehem, we asked them if they could light up our own Lock-up on the village green. They have successfully devised a method of doing this without damaging the Listed structure, by mounting the lights on a temporary timber framework around the top of the building. We are looking forward to the official 'switch on' shortly, and we thank both The Christmas Decorators and the City Council for their co-operation.

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