December 2016: A News Extra web page announcing the switching-on of our Christmas Lights at the Lock-up.

October 2016:
Newsletter 213 has information about our newly-published Old Wavertree in Colour Calendar for 2017, and the Horseshoe Stones in Childwall Road.

August 2016:
Newsletter 212 contains details of September's Heritage Open Days in Wavertree, and has an article on 'Wavertree & Slavery'.

May 2016:
Newsletter 211 invites you to go 'Down Memory Lane' with Chris Hulme, and continues the saga of the 'roads that never were'.

March 2016:
Newsletter 210 advertises a talk on the Liverpool Cowkeepers, includes an article about Wavertree 'roads that never were', and has more news about the Olive Mount (ex-Manweb) Sports Ground.

January 2016:
Newsletter 209 announces a Shopfront Improvement discussion evening, and a residents' meeting about the future of the ex-Manweb playing fields. It also contains a brief history of Wavertree's breweries.

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