Our next meeting:


A talk by Ken Pye

on Wednesday
7th September, 7.30 p.m.
at the Olive Mount
Community Centre,
Edgewell Drive,
Liverpool L15 8GG

Which came first: 'Scouse the dish' or 'Scouse the dialect'?
This question will be answered.

Why did Scouse become a staple of working class (and others') diets? This question too will be answered.

Why do Scousers talk with such a unique dialect? How did it evolve? The answers to this are fascinating.

What makes Scousers so unique? The answers to this are both informative and extremely funny!

Ken Pye is a respected Local Historian, popular author and broadcaster, Fellow of Liverpool Hope University and Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts.

As well as giving his talk, Ken Pye has kindly agreed to present our Local History Secretary,
Mike Chitty, with his BALH PERSONAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD. The British Association for Local History makes four such awards, nationally, each year, and we put Mike's name forward to acknowledge his contribution over four decades to the researching and publicising of Wavertree's history and the running of our Society. Mike was unable to attend the awards ceremony in London earlier in the year, so we were asked to arrange a local event to take its place. As Mike was nominated jointly by ourselves and the Gateacre Society, members of both societies are being invited to attend this talk.

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Ken will have a selection of his books and CDs on sale

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