On about 6th September, a car crashed into the sandstone wall on Childwall Road, towards the corner of Thingwall Road, and demolished a large section - including one of the two 'horseshoe stones' which have been the subject of curiosity and speculation for over 200 years. We are hopeful that the dislodged stone still survives within the rubble, and that it will be reinstated in the correct position (40 feet to the left of the remaining stone, and six courses up from the ground, as described in 'Discovering Historic Wavertree') when the wall is rebuilt. We have been in touch with the company who are responsible for maintaining the wall (Atrium/Contour Property Services) to make them aware of the significance of the stones. We have also referred them to a video on our Youtube channel - 'Hidden Wavertree 1999, Part 2' - in which the stones are featured.

Above: Mike Chitty tells Helen Jacklin (of Channel One Liverpool cable TV) the story of the horseshoe stones in Childwall Road, Wavertree, October 1999.

The same stretch of wall in October 2016.

Left: The surviving horseshoe stone, nearer to the corner of Thingwall Road, October 2016.

Read the story of the Horseshoe Stones in
Discovering Historic Wavertree

Hear the story of the Horseshoe Stones in
Hidden Wavertree 1999, Part 2

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