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(Part 3) by Mike Chitty
Liverpool's expansion continued after the First World War, and in the 1930s a series of Town Planning Schemes was published to regulate the development of the new suburbs. Among the provisions of the Town Planning Scheme No.2 (Wavertree, Childwall and Mossley Hill) was a new link between Thingwall Road and Lake Road, to avoid the twists and turns of the old Enclosure Act alignment.

Owing to the outbreak of the Second World War, this link was not built, and it became another of Wavertree's 'roads that never were'. However, a major sewer pipe had been laid in anticipation of the new road, which is why a 'linear park' - the present-day Olive Mount Gardens - was created as part of the Olive Mount Redevelopment in the early 21st century.

Above: An extract from the map of 'Merseyside Planning Schemes on 31st December 1936' appended to 'The Future of Merseyside - Town and Country Planning Schemes' by W G Holford and W A Eden (Liverpool University Press 1937).

Other proposed roads shown are Brodie Avenue (including the never-built link to Greenbank Road), Childwall Valley Road, Childwall Park Avenue and Bentham Drive/Barnham Drive.

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