No.1 Primrose Agbamu née Leigh (Part 2)

My Great-great-grandad John was born in Sutton but baptised in Great Sankey in 1833. His 4th child and the following four were born in Mylrea Place, Wavertree, but baptised at St Peter's Liverpool. All the LEIGH burials were at Holy Trinity Wavertree, but the preceding LEIGH history was in Sutton, Rainford and Great Sankey.

We then move to the GRACES. Elizabeth was born in 1858 in Hughes Street in Toxteth Park and was an adopted daughter to a HOOKENHULL family in Runcorn in 1871 because both her parents had died. How she came to meet Joseph LEIGH we will never know. Her father George was born in Old Hutte at Halewood. His father George was born 1780 in Speke Hall. We are not sure where his father Henry was born in 1726 but his father Thomas was born in Allerton in 1680. His father Isaac b.1666 and his father Henry b.1637 were both born in Wavertree.

We can't be sure where the GRACE predecessors were born before this because we get back to before church records began, but they were all married at All Saints Childwall which was the parish church for Wavertree before Holy Trinity was built in 1794 as a Chapel-of-Ease. Our GRACE graves are at Hale and Childwall.

Part 1 of Primrose Agbamu's article weas published in our January 2017 Newsletter. Many Wavertree Society members have enjoyed tracing their family tree, and some have found links with Wavertree stretching back many generations. We hope to feature more of these in future Newsletters - so if you have a story to tell, please let us know.

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