Our next meeting:
An illustrated talk by Tom Preston on

Wednesday 27th September, 7.30 p.m.
at the Olive Mount Community Centre,

Edgewell Drive, Liverpool L15 8GG

The ability to evoke laughter in millions of unrelated strangers is an extraordinary gift. Lancashire (and Liverpool in particular) is renowned as a breeding ground of comedy talent. Lancashire comedians have dominated the nation's music halls, variety theatres, clubs, films, radio and television, for over a century. The list is almost endless, including Tommy Handley, George Formby, Hylda Baker, Victoria Wood, Caroline Aherne, and contemporary exponents like Peter Kay, John Bishop and the 90 year old legend Sir Ken Dodd.

Though comedians come in all types, there does seem to be a common comic tradition shared by the great Lancashire comedians of the past. The northern comedian is as much a product of the Industrial Revolution as collieries, canals, factories, docks and railways and the values forged in the new kind of urban society gave rise to a distinctive droll humour.

Dr Tom Preston has been giving talks on music hall and popular entertainment for many years. This talk focuses on the lives and careers of a few of the great local comedians of the mid-twentieth century. Tom is presently writing a biography (the first!) of the great Liverpool comedian Robb Wilton, to be published next year.

ALL WELCOME - Admission free - Donations invited

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